Best bicycle lock has been discovered!

Having a bicycle lock is nowadays a must if you live in the bigger cities. Without one, you will have your bicycle stolen within minutes. Fact is however that many people are still biking around with old bicycle locks, which makes it very easy for the thieves to just cut it up and go. That […]

Bicycle phone mount fitting iPhone and smartphone!

Do you get irritated of always having to stop to pick up your calls? Perhaps you wish to listen to music or communicate with your bicycle fellows by phone call or Bluetooth, but you have never knew how to? Those days are over because today you have the possibility to change that. I am yet […]

Buy bicycle mirror to stay safe!

The big cities are growing, the streets are getting more crowded and traffic is over bombing. Bicycling in cities can nowadays be dangerous. Or maybe you are going to big bicycle ride and need essential safety? To prevent yourself from getting hurt you need to keep a good track of the traffic and of other […]

LED bicycle headlight will help you night biking!

When coming to biking safety comes first. Without safety we can’t bike for very long. Biking on daytime includes keeping track of traffic, eventual hindrances and other distractions. But what if it is dark outside? Then you would need to light the place up, preferred with a LED Bicycle Headlight. In this review I will […]

Buy heart rate monitor watch for performance improvement!

Have you got tired of training without any result? Do you wish to keep track of your training? Do you wish to increase your biking experience? Then I am here to help you. What you need is to invest and buy heart rate monitor watch. A tool that keeps track of your Heart Rate, calculates your burned […]