Buy heart rate monitor watch for performance improvement!

Have you got tired of training without any result? Do you wish to keep track of your training? Do you wish to increase your biking experience? Then I am here to help you. What you need is to invest and buy heart rate monitor watch. A tool that keeps track of your Heart Rate, calculates your burned calories, tells whether your training is for fat burning or for performance improvement and as well as a couple other features.

Buy heart rate monitor watch today

If this is what is missing in your life, then Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor WatchBuy heart rate monitor watch today will solve your problems. When you buy this heart rate monitor watch from Polar FT7  you will be happy that it is an “all-in-one” tool. The watch got most of the things you need. It comes delivered with a couple advanced analysis tools like Energy Pointer, Smart Calories and Training Load.

Briefly explained:

EnergyPointer gathering your training data, analyzes it, and tells you whether your training is for burning fat or for fitness improvement.
SmartCalories are a very specific tool that bases on your entered information and shows exactly how many calories you have burned.
Training Load analyzes your heart rate and helps you to find the perfect balance of when to rest and when to train. It also tells you which days are best to train really hard in order to maintain your performance improvement.


Video of Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch

If you for whatsoever reason are not too much into biking one day, but still buy heart rate monitor watch, they are also compatible for walking, running and any other type of exercise. As the monitor watch is water resistant up to 30 meters, you can also swim or dive with it. It will be your all-around tool.

Maybe you got a feeling this is just a little bit too advanced for you right now, don’t worry. If you still want to buy heart rate monitor watch there are more simpler and affordable ones. I’d recommend the more affordable Timex T5K541, which includes heart rate counter, calorie counter and not so much more.

As mentioned above Polar has been a famous brand for years. Lately they have developed a website where you can keep track of all your training. It includes training analyzing, training diary, training load as well as a lot of other training programs. Easy accessible from your computer, touchpad or cellphone.

As purchasing Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch you will also get Polar FT7 training computer, Polar WearLink+ transmitter and FT7 Getting Started Guide. The display text you can choose in English, German, Finnish, Swedish, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian. On top of that you will have the ability to individualize your monitor. That is by being able to choose between six different colors, as well as being able to choose sizes from Medium to XXL.

When you buy heart rate monitor watch called Polar F7 it comes delivered with a lot of different smart tools. These tools helpsyou to keep track of your training and based on your history, it shows you how to improve your performance. This is the opportunity for you to take your training to another level.

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  1. Justin
    Justin says:

    My choice went to Polar FT7 watch. Got it home a week ago and really happy about it. When you buy heart rate monitor watch it is important to choose quality product, otherwise you won’t increase any performance. After every bike trip I wrote down my numbers, and only on this week I can already feel my performance improvement. Thank you so much for this review, I recommend everyone to buy it! Peace, Justin.

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