Best bicycle lock has been discovered!

Having a bicycle lock is nowadays a must if you live in the bigger cities. Without one, you will have your bicycle stolen within minutes. Fact is however that many people are still biking around with old bicycle locks, which makes it very easy for the thieves to just cut it up and go. That is absolutely not something we want to happen. Luckily, it is also easily preventable by investing in the best bicycle lock or even an affordable modern lock. This bicycle lock review will help you along.

Why Kryptonite U-lock Series 2 is #1 recommended best bicycle lock in the full Amazon supply is because it has has a 13mm hardened steel, a high security bent food and resistant disc-style cylinder. This low-priced best bicycle lock is easy to mount to all 25-80mm tube dimensions. Once mounted, it features 360° rotation to fit and align all type of bikes.  This U-lock also comes delivered with a special designed flex cable.

Best bicycle lock

What is described above is the standard edition, but don’t forget that there is also a mini-version of this product of 2.4 ounce without the supplied flex cable. If you are looking for this kind of lightweight product, your best bicycle lock would be the Series 2 mini, also from the brand Kryptonite.

Fact is that the Kryptonite Company, with 40 year experience, has lately been dominating the bicycle lock market, distributing products for customers in all price ranges. The Series 2 mentioned above are considered to be the best bicycle lock in the affordable class as it provides great quality for low cost.

The best bicycle lock on the market this season!

If you are ready to spend a little bit more on your bike safety and don’t care too much about an ounce extra weight, what would you say of one of its kind bike lock, made by 18mm hardened steel bolt resisting cutters and leverage attacks on top a steel sleeve over crossbar for double security? When you shop it comes delivered with 3 steel keys, one of which functions as a high intensity LED light driven by replaceable battery. I am yet to present the best bicycle lock in the name of New York Fahgettaboudit serie produced by Kryptonite. With all of this, it has still comfortable size and weight.

Other U-locks with the Fahgettaboudit materials are usually double as big and heavy. The name New York serie comes from their well-developed new security system, causing even the mythical New York thieves to give up. As you understand, this is a really great safety product, but it would also be smart to invest in a bicycle mirror which doesn’t prevent you from thieves but although from collisions.

Bicycle lock galleryThe New York U-lock has been proved many times over to be the best bicycle lock. There was a test when a locksmith tried to break it up. It took him almost one hour of sawing with a very expensive electric saw before he could finally break it. So just like with every material in this world, it is breakable. It is just a matter of time. I am not saying all bike thieves walk around with high priced electrical saws and won’t be disturbed of one hour of terrible sounds, but it might happen. However, buying this bicycle lock would give you the best chance to protect your bike.

As you can see, all the best bicycle locks comes from the same company, Kryptonite. They have not only spent a lot of resources developing the best security, but they also have really great customer support. Actually, when you buy the U-lock, you have the ability to sign up on their website and if you ever would lose your bike keys they will send you new ones.

Now you have been told the most recommended bicycle lock in both the affordable and the high price range class. If you are looking to buy an affordable one with great security your best option would be to choose between standard edition or mini edition of Kryptonite Serie 2. Are you rather looking to shop for the high-class best bicycle lock, you would with no doubt invest in Kryptonite New York.

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