LED bicycle headlight will help you night biking!

When coming to biking safety comes first. Without safety we can’t bike for very long. Biking on daytime includes keeping track of traffic, eventual hindrances and other distractions. But what if it is dark outside? Then you would need to light the place up, preferred with a LED Bicycle Headlight. In this review I will compare three different LED Bicycle Headlight.

I will start off with the most affordable one, which in fact doesn’t differ quite too much from the others. This is the Bike Headlight Torch, from NowAdvisor®Q5 CREE. This is a low-priced headlight that still provides a really great light power. The brightness is really good and you won’t be facing any problem lighting your way up. Just remember to point it down so you don’t blind others coming opposite way. The LED Bicycle Headlight has three different modes: blinking, normal (80lm) and super bright (240Lm).

Another good thing is the mount; it holds a really good quality and the light won’t be bumping as you are riding. There have been people buying this only because of the well-known mount.

LED Bicycle Headlight

The downside of this LED Bicycle Headlight would be the lights quality. We’ve seen a few customers complaining over their lights getting broken. But then again, rest of the product holds a good quality and this headlight is multiple times cheaper than its concurrences. As purchasing this LED Bicycle Headlight you will have opportunity to choose between blue, red and green zoom focus light.

Another LED Bicycle Headlight

If you are looking for some more quality, but still not want your LED Bicycle Headlight to cost the earth, then you’d want Xtreme Bright’s Premium Bike Light. This headlight will beat any other headlight in its mid-range price class. It got a distance range up to 500 feet. Something that Xtreme Bright has worked well on at this product is the compatibility and security features. It is made to fit all type of bikes, it is waterproof and with no tools needed; very easy to de-mount in order to prevent theft & transfer. The quality of the light and brightness is indeed great. However as the mount fit for all type of bikes it can be a little bit bumpy on a few models, but don’t you worry, Xtreme Bright promise you a lifetime guarantee.

If neither of above fits you very well, and you are rather looking for all-around high quality product then I am to present CatEye Nano Plus Bicycle Headlight which is even USB Rechargeable. This high-priced LED Bicycle Headlight is literally outstanding and beats all of its concurrence by a long way. It includes two super-bright, ultra-efficient LED’s which can fire up to 600Lm. It’s efficiently rechargeable via any USB port and the all-around quality is intense. But remember that the price of this is remarkably higher than the other headlights.

Now it’s all up to you which LED Bicycle Headlight you want. Whether you want an low-priced but still working headlight, go for NowAdvisor. If you are looking for an easier de-mounting, heavier lights and lifetime warranty you’d go for Xtreme Brights Premium Bike light. Are you looking for the absolute top-notch then you will be more than satisfied with the CatEye Nano Plus Bicycle Headlight.

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  1. Lars Folsom
    Lars Folsom says:

    Just wanted to comment here to tell you I read this review and now 1 week ago I invested in the CatEye Nano Shot Plus. Got it home this monday, and I am really really happy with my choice. The light is incredible, I live in the countryside and I can go out in total black night and bicycle on the road with no vision problems at all!

    Thanks a lot for the tip!


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